Saturday, September 17, 2016

Reality Of Buhari's Change

Reality Of Buhari's Change
The concept of change is a phenomenal one, as life is all about change, even in the growth circle of man change must occur it begins from childhood to adulthood, during this process of growth (change) the child is taught, nurtured and nursed until adulthood.

This could be likened to our beloved country Nigeria. A country which has experienced different form of changes, sacrifices, hardship to mention but a few in its growth. When the Buhari led administration came in on the 29th of May 2015 with its idea of change it was a welcomed one, it was a concept the Nigerian populace was desperately in need of. Nigeria needed a form of HOPE called "CHANGE".

As earlier posited change is a gradual process just as the child into adulthood, the Buhari administration is not a magical Band to overturn the situation (condition) of Nigeria in one day with a magical wand. It takes a conscious, deliberate and gradual process to get us there. Even the biblical Israelites when being led out of Egypt to the "promised land" it was a long, tedious, strenuous and gradual journey filled with sacrifices but they were on a mission of change, change of their lives from slavery to freedom, the Israelites had complained and doubted on countless times but as the story ends they had made sacrifices that brought them finally to the promised Land, this is a great example of "change' both leadership or administration.    

As a concerned citizen of Nigeria it is my outmost view that the new slogan of the Buhari led administration "CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU" is not of impact to the Nigerian man who is making a lot of sacrifices and endurance in this trying period of change. Like the slogan of Barrack Obama in 2008 "YES WE CAN”, this is an encompassing word that shows unity. Unity amongst its citizens and government that both can work hand in hand for growth.

"Change begins with us" would have been a more appropriate slogan which posits unity, togetherness and oneness of both the government and its people. It begins with us shows that with the hike in basic commodities the government is ready to assist, help and even alleviate the problems of its people.

The change we desire is one where the government do not have a penchant for looting our treasury but actually working for its people diligently, the change we want is one where our government do not just make laws without thinking about the effect on its people. I would point out here that most of our governmental officials do not know how much fuel actually cost except in papers they read, they do not know what power shortage is as they enjoy stable and uninterrupted power supply daily, they do not know the state of our roads as they fly first class with most of them owning private jets, they know nothing of the price of basic commodities as this is readily at their means. And yet they say change begins with you.

An average Nigerian who has endured and sacrificed so much would be irritated by such a slogan. The man who has lost his job in this time of recession and hardship being told change begins with him would literally lash out at the system.

It is my honest opinion Mr. change that change should begin first with the government, when there is working facilities, employment, basic commodities, and an improvement in the standard of living then it's people would readily change.               

What is paramount for Nigeria is a change in our system, economy and country. This buhari change administration should employ methods of true democracy not military tactics and should not be a silent government but one which carries its citizens along.

Then "Change would begin with us"

By: Godwin .J. Aluyor | Instagram | Facebook |


divaly said...

Nice one my friend,Change should begin with 'US'

divaly said...

Nice one my friend,change should begin with 'US'

Anonymous said...

Quite a down to earth fact about Nigeria. May Almighty God save Nigeria and deliver it from slavery, so that like the biblical lsrealites, we will get to the promised land.

Favy Favour said...

This is truly insightful and factual about the situation of change in Nigeria and flaws in the way of way we're going about it...we pray our leaders see the truth and make genuine change that involves the good of the people. God bless Nigeria and God bless you my brother